Dear Resilient Girl,

Something that is very frustrating, very confusing and sometimes so mysterious that we often do not even know it is happening, is when we have done the brave work of walking away from things that have trapped or enslaved us, yet we sit where the cage used to be and don’t venture out very far past that area even though we are completely free to, even though we walked out of the cage that held us.

Don’t feel bad if this is what is happening in your life dear girl. Just take notice, take responsibility and then take action. It is scary and uncomfortable to live in brave new ways, and it’s sometimes exhausting and disappointing to to realize that getting out of the cage was just the beginning of the journey. You have to fly away now too.

It is going to be incredible….just take one little step at a time….nothing is holding you back now….don’t hold yourself back. You were always meant to be free in your soul and you were always meant to fly. It is time. Fly baby, fly!!!

You are so very loved,