Dear Real Real Real Girl,

Making the choice to live to be EXACTLY who you are, and to make choices according to your deepest convictions and your most sacred dreams and beliefs comes with some pretty typical consequences, mostly good but some very difficult. No matter the consequences, being real and living from your soul is always worth it.

Since the beginning of time, those who live big come up against big resistance. In fact, many times those who live true and brave and authentic lives come up against the biggest resistance of all. There will be those who are with us, and there will even be those who are against us. We must stay true to who we are no matter how big either of those groups grows to be.

Keep believing the burning in your heart. Keep moving toward your personal mission. Keep speaking from your soul. Keep listening for the very quiet voice of truth. Keep protecting your heart while you let it guide you. Keep dreaming big dreams and doing brave things.

If resistance comes, if enemies come — if problems, if obstacles and frustration come —

simply say

“oh hello there, I have been expecting you. Please step aside. I’m headed somewhere good and I don’t have time for your nonsense. Have a great day”

–and look to the light and go go go — and keep going.

KEEP BEING REAL. KEEP BEING YOU. KEEP BEING BRAVE. Don’t let resistance, enemies, problems, obstacles or frustration keep you down. You’ve got a big life to live. No more putting it off.

You are so very loved.