Dear Lovely Girl,

It is just a fact of life that we almost always have to give up something to get what we truly want. This is the meaning of sacrifice. We have to give up time, or energy, or resources. We have to often have to give up something good, and hopefully we are giving it up for something better.

When thinking about your beautiful dreams and goals, dear friend, just remember that almost everything worthwhile requires some form of consistent sacrifice. To have a healthy body we must sacrifice eating many things that look yummy, and sacrifice time to exercise and take care of ourselves, and the reward is so great! To have wonderful relationships, we must sacrifice time and energy and give of ourselves, but the reward is so great!

Please don’t feel down about how difficult things are sometimes. Sacrifice is hard and sometimes very uncomfortable! Keep your eyes on your goal, on your dream and on the life you want to live and the sacrifices will not feel so heavy, but it will be a joy to think about how you are doing exactly what you want to do, working towards exactly what your heart desires.

You are so very very very loved.
It is worth it to sacrifice for the life you want to live.