Dear Confused Girl,

It’s ok to be confused. Life is confusing sometimes.

When you sit down and try to figure some of life’s mysteries out, things sometimes even get more confusing. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to know why things are happening the way they are, and how you got into the middle of all of the things that are happening. Yes, life can be so confusing. One thing is sure though, that all of those funny little “coincidences” and crazy bouts of perfect timing, and wild collisions. Those were not accidents.

Look back at the very best things that have happened in your life, moments and experiences and relationships that made you better, or taught you immeasurable lessons or were stepping stones to the best places. Think of those things. Then, think about all of the miraculous encounters, the unexpected twists and turns and the funny unplanned things that made those exact parts of your life happen, the way it all came together. It would be very hard to argue that THAT many coincidences happened to get you EXACTLY where you are supposed to be now.

You are looked after perfectly. There is a plan for you. There are calculations and plans and strategies and chance meetings being set up constantly in your behalf. It looks so confusing, but really, it’s perfectly thought out and someday it will all make sense. It will be made clear to you. Be patient with it. Breathe through it.. Trust. When it’s hard to feel good about it…just look at how far you’ve come and all of the things that had to happen to get you where you are today.

You are loved and known and needed and don’t let anyone or anything ever tell you anything different.