Dear Brilliant Girl,

Words are powerful. It is really amazing how a grouping of sounds made with air coming through our throats, over the position of our tongue and through our teeth and lips, can have such a huge impact….it’s just air and sound waves! So…..what is it about words?

Written words hold so much of the same power…sometimes more. How is it that a combination of shapes and lines put together can have so much power?

This leaves us with an important responsibility. We need to be careful with something that has this much power.

We need to watch carefully the words that come from our mouths….and SO carefully the words we let pass into our ears, sweet friend.

We need to be SO VERY CAREFUL to be choosy about the words that meet our eyes off of paper, and then penetrate into our hearts….everything has an effect.

Look for good, true and beautiful messages, and only let those in. THEN, formulate good true and beautiful messages from your heart…and ONLY let those out…..

Because words are powerful. Words have power to heal, and they have power to destroy. Words have power to clear things up and power to confuse. Words have power to create a feeling of light and hope…or a feeling of darkness and despair.

Choose them wisely…both coming and going….YOUR SOUL IS SO IMPORTANT.

You are so very loved.