Dear Brilliant Girl,

Life is good. Life is difficult. Life is interesting. Life is confusing. Life is crazy. Life is fun. Life is wild. Life is colorful. Life is unpredictable. Life is a gift. Life is a test.

Life is about one million other things too, isn’t it?

Now, with all of that being said, dear girl, why would we ever think that we could have it all figured out, that we SHOULD have it all figured out, and that every single day would not be filled with brand new challenges that we never expected?

Please don’t beat yourself up EVER about not having it all figured out, about not knowing what is going to happen next, about not knowing exactly which road to take every time there is a choice to take a new road. Just enjoy it.

It’s all about the journey, the adventure, the lessons, the relationships, the surprises, the discoveries, the giving, and all of those things can happen every single day without knowing exactly how they are going to happen. So the most wonderful thing to do, would just be to TRUST that it will happen exactly as it should, exactly where it should, with exactly who it should.

Do your best, then just trust and enjoy. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Please choose to enjoy it.

You are SO very loved.