Dear Becoming Girl,

It might feel kind of scary when you start to realize who you really are, because that person is so much more magnificent than who you have let yourself believe she is, and it’s scary to look that potential in the face and truly believe in the bright light that she is. It’s frightening to think about how life might change if we embrace our real, authentic, fantastic self; relationships might change, our job might change, the way we live each moment often changes when we stop living on auto-pilot, when we stop settling for what showed up somewhere along the way.

Please be reminded, radiant girl, that there is nothing on this earth so beautiful, so comforting, so warm and inviting and loving as a girl who knows who she is. A girl who knows who she is has nothing to prove, nothing to worry about and nothing to take. A girl who knows who she is shows up with so much light, confidence and love for everyone and everything around her that the room. The world is never the same after she is there.

Please embrace the soul-deep goodness that is you. The world needs you to see it. The world needs you to live it. We don’t want to miss out on your color, your light and your glittery sparkle dust anymore.

It will be ok. Come on out of that cocoon and show the world your wings. Ohhhh, they are so beautiful!

You are so very very very loved.