Dear Amazing Girl,

You may have forgotten some things along the way, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over. There is so much time left and today is a brand new day to begin your brand new life. You may have just forgotten how strong you are. You may have forgotten that you had dreams once that were real and compelling, and even though they didn’t come true right when you thought they would. It doesn’t mean that those dreams weren’t real or that they didn’t matter. Sometimes we just don’t have the timing quite right, and sometimes our dreams come true in ways that are different than what we imagined they would be.

You are still in there, dear girl. You may be covered up with painful memories and experiences, but you are still in there. You are worth rescuing out of the heaps of confusion and apathy and disillusionment. You are worth rescuing yourself and remembering all that you are, all that you always were, and all that you are meant to become.

The first thing you have to do is decide, though. It might be a long road ahead and it might be shorter than you thought it would be too. Today would be a great day to decide that no matter how long the road is, you are going to come home to yourself and live the happy life that is meant for you. No one else can decide this for you. Please please please do it, sweet friend. Today is a great day to decide.

You are so very loved.