Dear Fantastic Girl,

Despite the best planning, the most diligent working, and the very best intentions, some days just don’t go at all like we hope for them to go. Sometimes weeks go like this, sometimes months. We do all that we feel we are supposed to do yet things go a different way than we had planned, than we had hoped, than we had expected.

What are we to do? Well, we just keep going. We just keep doing what we know in our hearts we know we are supposed to be doing, even when hurdles come up, even when we get tired. We just keep going, keep following our hearts.

just keep believing in yourself

And we laugh, we sing, we enjoy life. We make things fun, we spend time with friends and family and we reach out and help others, no matter what. We keep believing that things are working out exactly as they should even if they are not what we had expected. We keep growing, we keep learning, we keep getting stronger. We keep becoming. That’s what we do.

So just keep becoming. It is happening. You are loved.