Dear Fabulous Soul,

Very few things stay the same forever – and that is good, because stagnation makes us sick and miserable.

People change, places change, jobs change, relationships change, fashions change, economics change. Our bodies change, our dreams change, our soul-muscles change. We change our minds.

Roll with the changes, incredible you. Cling tight to the things that don’t change…the truths in life that are solid and dependable…and then roll with everything that does change.

Change gets us where we need to be, it drives us to do things we wouldn’t have done otherwise, and it helps us see things more clearly. Change gets us out of stagnation.

Change wakes us up, keeps things exciting and makes us try harder.

Change brings on appreciation for where we have been, makes us more careful about where we are going, and helps us weed out everything that is not good for our lives.

Change is good.

Sometimes it’s really scary, sometimes it’s reeeeally uncomfortable…but change is good.

Everything is going to be okay. It really is.

You are so loved.