Dear Listening Girl,

Sometimes the craziest things can pop into our heads. Sometimes little urges just keep poking us, prodding us, elbowing us and won’t give up. Sometimes we KNOW we should say something, or do something, or write something, or show up somewhere, or give something away, or call someone, or make the first move with an idea, BUT IT IS JUST TOO SCARY.

“They will think I am weird,” we think.
“They will not like me after this,” we think
“They will think this is a crazy idea,” we think
“If I do this, then they will see my whole heart, and that is just TOO SCARY,” we think

SOUL DEEP urges are little sparkles of magic that are seeds to VERY BIG THINGS. Sometimes we are THE ONLY ONE who has the seed, and if it doesn’t get planted, the big, amazing, magic thing will never grow. Sometimes we have JUST THE RIGHT MEDICINE to someone else’s soul sickness. Sometimes we have the very idea that will change EVERYTHING. Sometimes we are the answer to someone’s desperate prayers.

Brave Girls Club - Be Brave, especially when you are scared out of your mind

So, dear girl, even if it is scary, scarier than you could ever even explain,
DO IT ANYWAY. Very important things depend on it. It is no coincidence. It is the real deal.

You are so very loved, so very needed. And that voice in your heart is WISER THAN WISE. Trust it.