Dear Fabulous Girl,

To get to the very BEST things that are meant for our life, we often have to give up very GOOD things that we enjoy very much. This is the meaning of sacrifice.

it is time to let go tree message

If we want our bodies to be healthy, we have to really control the eating of lots of delicious but unhealthy foods. If we want to become good at a hobby or skill, we have to give up time in our day to practice and study. If we want to have peaceful and meaningful relationships, we often have to give up our ego and do things for the sake of others.

Almost everything that is beautiful and true requires some kind of sacrifice on our part. We cannot look at this as a loss, because truly, we are trading something good for something even better.

It is a wonderful thing, and a path to happiness.

Be brave enough to let go of the good things that are holding you back from the best things.

You are so very loved.