Dear Beautiful Girl,

Beauty is one of the most powerful languages in the world. We are attracted to the healing power of beauty. Beauty makes life better.

The best kind of beauty is the kind that happens when something grows to become exactly what it was meant to become…when something is true and pure and authentic.

There is so much beauty all around you….a clear sky, a majestic tree, a flower in all stages of blossom, a work of art from another brave soul that we share this planet with. All of these things came from a place of deep truth…they were created to be exactly what they are.

Your own beauty shines brightest when you allow yourself to become exactly who you were meant to become…when you don’t try to be something different from what you are. When you blossom into the exact person that your soul yearns to become, you are more beautiful than ever.


brave girls club - you are beautiful right now

Please let your beauty shine by becoming exactly who you truly are.

You are so very loved.