Dear Frustrated Girl,

We hear so much about the importance of self-love, don’t we? We hear that to be able to experience love…we must first learn to love ourselves.

But how do we even do that?

So much of self love begins with self respect. When we don’t respect something or someone, we have a hard time feeling the love. When we don’t respect the actions, decisions and character traits of another, we can love them, but we also make boundaries that keep us far away from them. Sometimes when we do things ourselves that we don’t find respectable, we distance ourselves from our own soul. It makes it hard for us to love ourselves, even though we are valuable and loved no matter what.

If you are frustrated with the prospect of learning self love and self care, begin with doing things that will help you learn to respect yourself. Think about what you respect most about others, dear friend, and then make a plan to begin do those things for yourself.
brave girls club - do what makes you respect yourself
How can you behave in ways that you respect? How can you eat in ways that help you respect yourself? How can you spend your time in ways that help you respect yourself? How can you participate in relationships in ways that help you respect yourself? Take the frustration away and look at everything as an opportunity to respect yourself.

You are valuable and important…please, dear soul….treat yourself in respectable ways and do things that you have respect for. Hold your relationships up to a standard of love and respect and do not allow yourself to be used or abused. Your life is far too important for that!

You really are so very very loved,