Dear Beloved Girl,

Oh beautiful soul, do you know of the epidemic that is breaking so many hearts…the epidemic that has taken over so many good days?….it is the epidemic of feeling unwanted.

All of us have felt unwanted from time to time, but we are living within a culture that creates entire ways of living around the feeling that we are unwanted until we have the right car or the right body or the right job or the right hair or the right shoes. We live in a culture that is always trying to make us feel like we will not be happy until we have the things that are pasted across the magazine pages and the billboards and the movie screens and the computer screens.

And all to make us feel wanted. But let’s ask ourselves, dear friends….wanted for what?

What if instead of waiting to be chosen, instead of waiting to be wanted, instead of working to have and be all of the things that would make us desirable, wanted and chosen………what if we just chose ourselves? What are we waiting for and who are we waiting for to choose us and what will it even mean to us if it happens if we can not first choose ourselves…if we do not first want ourselves as a friend and a companion and a fellow soul?

Today, wonderful soul….you could choose yourself. You could choose yourself every day without having to fall for all of those tricks that say you must have the right things to wear and the right shape and the right amount of any number of things. You could choose yourself right now, just as you are…..and then….walk away from the game that says you have to be something more before you are wanted or chosen. Choose yourself….because, really…you are the only one who can do it. And….you are so worth choosing.

Brave Girls Club - choose yourself

And while we are all at it….let’s encourage each other to do the same…to not wait anymore. Remind her that she’s enough right now….she doesn’t have to wait to be chosen, she doesn’t have to wait for anything.

This is important….please choose yourself. It doesn’t matter who does or does not choose you after you’ve chosen yourself…..because, you are not waiting around anymore. Live now…choose now….no more waiting.

You are so very very very loved.