Dear Beautiful Girl,

There are unique little things that make YOU happy, little itty bitty things that not many people know about. And they seem so insignificant that you often overlook them, procrastinate doing them…or just plain old talk yourself out of why it is so important that you stop and take time to do those little things that might not even make sense to other people.

Honor yourself, dear friend, and spend some time remembering the little things that are part of who you are. Pick up the guitar for a few minutes, stop and take photos of the field that no one else notices, pull over and stop to get that tea that always makes you happy when you drink it, look up that old band you used to love and find some of their songs, find a magazine at the library about that hobby that you gave up, or a biography about that person that you admire. Honor and feed your you-ness.

Brave Girls Club - Be Exactly Who You Are
We live in a world that tries to make us all the same when there are little things that make us so very different. Honoring and doing THOSE LITTLE THINGS are the things that will truly make your heart sing.

Thank you for being the distinctive girl that you are. You make the world more colorful, more fun, more unique and more interesting. Don’t let anything dull your colors or dim your light. The world needs you in all of your vivid color.

You are so very loved, just as you are.