Dear Seeking Girl,

Have you ever been disappointed? Have you ever carefully planned, or saved, or studied, or sacrificed, and still had a big disappointment come into your life and knock the wind out of you?

That big disappointment could end up being one of the BEST things that ever happen to you.

Sometimes NOT getting what you thought you wanted is the greatest, most miraculous blessing that you can ever count in your life. It can save you from so much heartache, and it can keep you on the exact path you were meant to be on…..or even lead you to the right path.

Brave Girls Club - Everything is going to work out beautifully (pass it on) copy

It is difficult to do….but please just trust. Trust that you will all end up exactly where you are supposed to be, to learn exactly what you are supposed to learn and to become exactly who you are meant to become.

Everything always works out somehow, doesn’t it? It’s okay to cry a few tears over the disappointment, friend…but then step into the warm, sunny light of your beautiful future. It is gonna be SO GOOD.

You are so very loved.