Dear Beloved Soul,

This is a long message today, but it’s very important, and I hope you’ll read it.

It is hard sometimes to recognize the root of pain and painful old beliefs. Sometimes things are buried so deep that we simply believe that they are part of us.

What if you were able to think about your experiences not as labels, but simply as experiences? Some of our experiences become ingrained and leave scars and marks that make us think that we are branded in a way that identifies us as belonging to those experiences.

Some life experiences brand us with words like LOSER or ABUSED or USED UP or FAILURE. These labels are lies.

Our experiences do not have the power to own us unless we give them that power. Sometimes we just forget that we are in charge of our own lives and our own future.

brave living - brave girls club - you are a soul who is learning

Do you know where the pain really is, dear friend? The pain comes from the stories that we tell ourselves about what our experiences must mean. “I must have had that experience because I am a loser.” “I must have had that experience because I deserve to be abused.” “All of these experiences have left me used up and useless.” “That experience proves that I am a failure.”

The truth is, our experiences DO NOT get to define us. Life is a whole bunch of experiences that can be turned into teachers, to give us wisdom we cannot gain except through experience.

PLEASE do not allow ANY experiences to burn brands into your skin or heart…allow nothing to label you. YOU ARE A SOUL WHO IS LEARNING, and every experience has gifts…and the gifts are what are worth keeping…not the lies, labels and brands.

Every day you know more. Every day you know better. That is what we get from having experiences.

Take the gifts that are meant for you and leave the rest behind. A beautiful life as a wise human is what has always been intended for you. Be wise…step into that goodness without bringing the labels and brands with you. Pack light.

You are so very loved.