Dear Beloved Soul,

There is nothing that can happen in your life to take away the core of who you are and who always will be. There is no mistake you can make, there is no atrocity that can be committed against you, there is no disaster that can strike that can ever change who you are. You are valuable beyond all comprehension, in a way that can never be taken from you.

There is no measuring stick that could measure your worth, it is beyond measurement. There is no scale that could ever weigh your value, it is incomprehensible. There is no amount of money or likes or awards or degrees that could ever begin to define how important and eternal you are.

Your soul is still the same as it was the day you were born – sparkling, wise, innocent, good – on a mission to learn and progress and become.

Things can go wrong and will. Hard things can happen and will. Disappointments and mistakes may happen and will.

But there is nothing that can ever take away your goodness or your value or the wisdom you’ve gained from the lessons you’ve learned.

You are not replaceable.

You are not forgotten.

You are beloved and you are meant to live that way.

You are so very loved.