Dear Determined Girl,

You are capable of so much…you sometimes might forget that.

You see, we love to look at beautiful things and brilliant things and revolutionary things. Sometimes we stop noticing how many of those kinds of things are around us and what it has taken to create and build and maintain those things.

We are inspired by people who have found the keys to all kinds of successes…or sometimes we are jealous, or envious and sometimes it even makes us feel a little hopeless or angry.

What we sometimes do though, beautiful friend, is forget what it must have taken to get to a place of brilliance or a place of health or a place of what seems to be raw talent. Sometimes we don’t want to admit to ourselves that everything and everyone has had to go through a process to get to where or what they are now.

And sometimes we don’t admit that we have done the same, ourselves. We have each done so much already that we forget we have done.

important things take time cropped
Important things take time. Impressive things take time. Brilliant things take time. Beautiful gardens take time and healthy bodies take time and beautiful relationships take time. Inventions take time and businesses take time and works of art take time. These things take time that is not always fun, and often tedious and full of failures that have to be overcome before the brilliance is uncovered.We are all capable of SO MUCH if we are willing to put in the time. Even when we put in the time and don’t make it to where we wanted to be….we have still become someone more experienced than if we had not tried at all.Today is a great day to try. It’s okay if it’s hard…it doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.

Sometimes the most worthwhile things take the most effort. It will be worth it.

You are so very loved