Dear Sparkly Eyed Girl,

Sometimes we feel like there is nothing left in the world that we can count on…like everything will fail us, disappoint us and leave us feeling abandoned.

Sometimes we forget that the sun is so pretty when it comes up, and so spectacular as it is going down…sometimes we can go weeks without ever noticing the beautiful show that is going on in the sky every morning and every night. Sometimes we stop noticing entirely all that is going on for us every single day.

Without fail, the sun rises every day and goes to bed every night…….only to come up again the next morning. The seasons come and the seasons go….new plants show up and fruit grows on trees. The mountains fill with snow and the lakes and rivers fill with water. This has been going on for thousands of years.

Yet sometimes we let confusing times of our lives lead us to believe that we have been abandoned, left behind or forgotten.

All around us is proof that the world is kind and good, that life supports us and that there is light to be found in the darkness. Often we are left alone by people or things that were once companions to us, but we are never left entirely alone.

There is always something good and true to be learned. Sometimes being ‘alone’ is our very best teacher so that we can learn the deepest truths that come in the blessed silence that is left when we are in new parts of our lives.

Look around today, sweet friend, at all of the things that have been hard to see and to remember lately.


Know that just like the sun, you get to rise tomorrow and start a brand new day…with the opportunity to light up the world with your own light, which is one of the greatest happinesses of all, one that can never be taken from us.

You are so spectacular, and so loved.