Dear Powerful Girl,

These are interesting times, aren’t they? Sometimes it feels like the world has gone completely crazy and there’s nothing we can do about it.

If we look around these days, it’s easy to feel like there is nothing that can be done to make life better and nothing that we can do about the future…..but this simply isn’t true.

We are never powerless. There are so many choices that we can make every minute of every day to stand in our power and to make life better for ourselves and everyone around us…and even for the world.

When you’ve lost hope, when it’s hard to think about what’s good or to see what’s good in the world and in life in general, it’s time to reboot and restore our hearts, minds and souls back to what is true about our individual potential. We can get so distracted by sensationalized news and fear mongering, mixed with the regular going’s on of our own lives. It can leave us paralyzed.

Please don’t let yourself stay paralyzed, dear friend.

It is time to change your perspective…it is time to sift the truth from the lies. It is tie to set your focus again on what is true and right and good for your own life and also figure out and remember who you are….how powerful you are.
brave girls club - the world is waiting for you
The world is waiting for people like you to rise up and show how good the world can be.

None of us are powerless, and we cannot live our lives to be without hope, dreams and enthusiasm for the future. Getting our souls back aligned with the personal power that we have is essential for us each to be able to live our purpose, and especially to live it with joy!

It is worth it, friend.

You are so very loved.