Dear Invaluable Girl,

In a world where we are one of 3 billion other women, it is easy to feel like a grain of sand somewhere on a remote island… is easy to get discouraged and feel like we could never possibly make a difference or that we could not possibly have anything to offer than someone else is not already doing better. It is sometimes hard to see what our value is at all, what our purpose could possibly be.

Please remember, incredible girl, that there are thousands of species of flowers, there are tens of thousands of species of butterflies and birds….there are countless species of trees. Each creation is designed to grow and become and change until its purpose has been fulfilled. Every living thing is this way. And…if plants and insects and birds are created with such care and purpose….how could it ever be that we are not created with the same care and purpose?
Never before has a woman been born with your eyes, your smile and your heart…combined with your talents, your desires and your personality. Never has a woman just like you been in the exact place that you are, with the exact people that you are with, doing the exact things that you are doing. Never, ever. YOU are the ONLY ONE who has the impact that you have….there are so many many many incredible things that will never happen if you do not do them.


Look around today at the people around you, the circumstances you are in and the power that you might have to make the exact difference that you could make. It is big…very very big. Please work hard to see it, every day….and use this beautiful heart that you have been given. The world so needs you and your ideas and your kindness.

You are unforgettable, irreplaceable and valuable…
and oh so loved.