Dear Joyful Girl,

Having regrets is a vicious cycle that keeps us from moving into the life we are meant to live. So many of us let regrets define who we are, and let them keep us from BECOMING who we REALLY are.

It’s always important to do our best. It’s important to make amends and to do all things with love and truth. When we make mistakes, it’s important to get back on our personal paths of truth and light as quickly as we can. But regrets are an entirely different thing.

We can do nothing about what has happened in the past, aside from doing our best to make things right and then moving forward. We can be thankful for all of the lessons we have learned during all of the parts of our life, and we can do better every day because of them. We can be grateful that we know for sure that there are things that we never want to do again, or experience again. But to stay stuck in a pile of regrets does no good.


Let your mistakes, disappointments and un-proudest moments be the fuel for the brave and light-filled new life that you get to choose today. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t dwell on should-haves and could-haves and would-haves. Forgive yourself, move forward doing your very best and be happy.

Your best is enough…and you get stronger, braver and truer every day. It’s a beautiful thing.

You are loved.