Dear Beloved Girl,

There is no rationing of goodness, joy and happiness. When something good happens to you…it does not take anything away from anyone else. When something wonderful happens for someone else….it does not take anything away from you. There is enough for everyone.

There is enough good stuff.

There are enough opportunities.

There are enough ideas.

There is room for every achievement and every dream and every word.

There is enough room and there are enough resources. There is enough for everyone.

We’ve got to stop believing that there is a scarcity of goodness, and that if more comes to others there will not be enough for everyone else. We have got to stop thinking that if our own dreams come true, it somehow takes something away from someone else.

There is no rationing. There is enough for everyone.

In fact, we each have it in our power to INCREASE the amount of goodness in the world. Every bit of goodness we choose or create or encourage adds to the goodness bucket so that there’s even more to go around.

Joy and happiness are meant for you. You must let yourself have it, however… and let others have it too. There is so much waiting for each of us when we allow it…when we create more of it…when we wish it for others…and when we step into it ourselves. Let’s do that, ok?

You are so very loved.