Dear Extraordinary Girl,

Is there something that is heavy on your heart? Is there something that is holding you back or keeping you in a state of worry and exhaustion?

Ask yourself an important question, dear friend. Will this matter a year from now? How much will it matter? In what ways will it matter? How will I wish I would have handled this situation if I can look back a year from now?

brave girls club - no more holding back

Don’t let your worries steal your day. If this WILL in fact affect your life a year from now, break it down into chunks and just take action. Taking action is one of the surefire ways to disintegrate worries and frustrations. Get to work to make it better. If it won’t matter, let it go. There’s too much that IS important to think about, to focus your energies and thoughts on, and to move forward.

Now go out and be your phenomenal self! And enjoy every second of it!