Dear Amazing Girl,

We often think the beginning is the brave part of the journey….but it is really STAYING on the journey that takes the most bravery of all.

When we let ourselves get stuck in yucky places because we are too tired to move forward, we are just that….stuck in yucky places. When we head backward we end up feeling the way we felt before….only it is often worse because we have the soul-deep knowledge that we turned back on something we knew we wanted all along.

Remember, remember, remember dear girl…..that just about everything that is worth anything has a little bit (or a lot) of struggle attached to it…and that the struggle builds the goodness and makes for the sweetness….and will never ever let us forget how much we sacrificed for all that is good.

brave girls club - I wont stop

Don’t stop now. Don’t you dare give up. Keep going……it is gonna be sooo worth it.

You are so very very very loved.