Dear Fantastic Girl,

If we all just followed one simple rule, every day, no matter what, no matter where, no matter who was involved, our lives could truly become consistently beautiful.

What if there was such a rule? Would it be worth following? What would prevent us from doing something that could have such profound impact and essentially give us everything our hearts want most? What would hold us back from keeping the rule every day, no matter what?

It might be worth a try.

The one simple rule is to love everyone, without expecting anything at all in return — to love for the sake of loving, for the joy and peace and relief that comes when you love without expecting anything in return.

Beautiful friend, life is actually so much simpler than we make it. Try it out. Love everyone around you, regardless of their behavior, regardless of their background, regardless of what they can do for you, regardless of what they have done TO you. Love them, wish them well, help them along if you get the chance. Don’t allow their negativity to keep you from being the loving person that you are.

You are so worth whatever it takes to live a happy life. This is one of the best ways. It is true.

You are so very loved and so very loving.

You are strong enough to love. You are.