Dear Beloved Soul,

When hard things happen in our lives, it is natural to have feelings about that for a period of time.

But if you are still hurting over an old experience, beating yourself up over why it happened or why it didn’t happen…if you are believing that the thing you’ve gone through means that you are not as good or as important as others….if you are believing that an old experience has created a situation that prohibits you from ever being able to change or to be happy again…these are beliefs that you must change, dear friend.

WE ALL LIVE THROUGH ALL SORTS OF EXPERIENCES, and many of them are very difficult. When things go wrong, it doesn’t mean that you are wrong as human being. When we have bad experiences, it doesn’t mean that we are bad.

It is so good and wise to remember our experiences and extract the helpful wisdom from them…extract the useful lessons…but then let the rest go.

You are a beautiful soul. You always have been and you always will be. Please believe it.

You are so very loved.