Dear Determined Soul,

Wow is it ever a surprise when we start to dive into a mess that has been growing for a very long time. As we start to pull things out to sort them…we often think, ‘Nevermind, I am just going to stuff this all back where it was’…because once we start pulling stuff out, the mess gets bigger and bigger and bigger and more overwhelming.

What is the alternative, though? The alternative is leaving the mess there…and losing sleep thinking about it, doing all sorts of things to cover it up and hide it…and constantly wondering when it’s going to get so big that it takes over everything else.

It’s worth it to clean up the mess, friend. It’s worth it to get in there and do what it takes to make it happen. Whether it’s doing our taxes, or cleaning our closet, or finally having a difficult conversation in an important relationship that has turned into awkward beating around the bush.

brave girls club - the mess is inevitable sometimes

The mess is sometimes inevitable…and if we just know that it’s part of the process, and we expect it and decide to go at it a little bit at a time until it’s all done….it won’t be so painful.

It’s hard to be in charge of our own lives, isn’t it? Part of that is cleaning up the messes that come along…and an even better part of that is the amazing feeling that comes once the mess is cleaned up.

It’s going to be ok…just a little bit at at time.

You are so very loved.