Dear Remarkable Girl,

You have done so much.

We all have things going on in our individual lives that no one knows about. Every day we have to do things on our own, with little or no help. There are so many journeys that we have to take alone.

So many battles are fought in private…so many finish lines are crossed alone…

So many victories will never be recognized or even known about by anyone but ourselves.

Do you see what a noble heroine you are…to do all of these things without anyone even knowing?

brave girls club - you have come so far

Dear friend, please make sure that you cheer yourself on…all the way along. Make sure you give yourself the support you are needing and the rest that you need along the way. Make sure that you have little victory celebrations when you make it across those lines.

You are so much more amazing than you give yourself credit for. You have already made it through so many incredible and difficult things, and you are sure to conquer even more.

Give yourself some credit today, ok? You are truly amazing.

And you are so very loved.