Frequently Asked Questions


I love Melody, but I don’t want to subscribe to Soul School at this time. Do I have options?

Yes, there are always options! With the new, you can also easily:

Then, when YOU are ready, come take the Soul School journey with me by subscribing .

I’d like to connect with others who are going on a similar journey as me. Where should I go?

It’s never easy to go through life alone. The good news is there is an amazing community of beautiful souls just like you who have found and support each other. You should be a part of it! Go to the Facebook page to connect and talk with new friends who have similar but unique challenges to overcome. But before you engage, please read The Red Carpet Rules!

What is happening to Brave Girls University (BGU)?

It’s never easy to say goodbye and Brave Girls University (BGU) has been an amazing journey. But like much in life, things keep changing. Soul School is the next evolution of what BGU started. Soul School includes the best of Brave Girl University and has many new benefits. BGU will close its doors, but the journey is not over. Check out what Soul School can do for you on your personal journey.


What is Soul School?

Simply put, Soul School is a place for people like you, searching for meaning, purpose, and satisfaction in an ever-changing world. Through online courses and meditations, Soul School offers you different ways to connect with your purpose, your truth, and your life. Within Soul School are many hours of amazing and purposeful programs to help you better connect and center yourself within your life. Interested? Find out more about Soul School.

What are the benefits to signing up for Soul School?

By signing up for Soul School, you get unlimited access to all courses available within the program. In addition, there are members only benefits, custom-designed learning paths that allow you to focus on what matters most to you in a deeper, more meaningful way. You will also have direct access to the Soul School Facebook group to share your experiences and discuss meaningful topics within the community.

What does Soul School cost?

Soul School is conveniently priced at $24.00 a month. Once you subscribe, your credit card is billed monthly until you let know you want to unsubscribe. There is no risk to you, and if for any reason you are not finding the answers or inspiration you are looking for, just let us know and we will cancel your subscription. Find out more about Soul School.

I currently subscribe to Brave Girl University, what happens to my subscription?

Brave Girls University alumni receive a special offer for moving their account to the new Soul School. Simply setup your new account in Soul School and enjoy new content and exclusive pricing, only available to existing Brave Girls University students. If you did not receive your Brave Girls University alumni offer, via your email, contact

Can I buy just one class at a time?

There are over 30 individual classes you can purchase individually . ALL of these classes are also found within Soul School, so if you plan to purchase more than three courses, you should seriously consider subscribing. There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime.

Can I stop my subscription any time?

Of course! You have the option to cancel your subscription for any reason .


Is there an online community? How do I join?

There are a couple of different ways to connect with the Soul School online community. The first is by following the Melody Ross Facebook page. Meet people just like you and share your story! In addition, by subscribing to Soul School, you get exclusive membership to the CLOSED Soul School Facebook page. Here, you have a safe and inclusive environment to not only share your story, but to also engage in deeper and more meaningful dialog. Ask questions and share wisdom with your soon-to-be friends and partners on this journey.

What are the Daily Truth emails?

The Daily Truth emails are a free gift sent most weekdays, Monday through Friday, with nothing but love and wishes for everything joyful and brave and true. Because, hey, don’t we all need that in our lives? If you’d like to receive a daily dose of encouragement, subscribe now to Melody’s Daily Truth’s.

Why am I not receiving Daily Truth emails?

You might be and just not realize it. Check your email spam folder to see if it’s in there. If so, make sure to declare that it’s not Spam moving forward. If you don’t see anything in your Spam folder, try subscribing again, in case we somehow lost your email. Otherwise, contact us and we will get it sorted out for you.

Are you having any events soon?

You want the truth? Well of course you do, that’s why we are all here. The truth is the answer is not as black and white as the question. Yes, there will be events coming, but not for a little while. In relaunching and Soul School, the focus first and foremost is to give you the resources you need TODAY to help lighten your soul. In the coming months, the first Soul School events will be announced. If you subscribe to The Daily Truths, are part of the Melody Ross, or Soul School Facebook communities, or subscribe to Soul School, you will be the first to know.

How do I find a Live Soul Restoration Event?

We have Certified Instructors all over the globe, trained by Melody Ross to teach Melody’s signature course, Soul Restoration. Find an instructor or local event near you.

What are the Red Carpet rules and why are they important?

Everytime you engage with MelodyRoss and Soul School, you are in a safe space. This is a judgement-free zone, filled with patience, and support. We don’t talk politics. We don’t talk religion. The focus is to support one another. The Red Carpet Rules are a set of simple guidelines about how everyone is expected to behave, communicate, and participate in a public forum. All members of this group must agree to do their best to abide by these rules, for ourselves and for each other.


Will I be able to order legacy products that were in the Brave Girls Shop?
When we launch the new Melody Ross store, you will be able to buy course kits and other products, as they are featured. We can’t guarantee that all legacy products will be available, but our most popular items will soon be in Melody’s store.


What is Brave Girls Club and Brave Girl University?

Founded in 2009, Brave Girls Club (the online community) and Brave Girl University (the e-learning platform), were avenues for Melody to share her curriculum with women worldwide. After a decade of building volumes of lessons, classes, art and writings, Melody is doing exactly what she coaches women to do — she’s writing her unique story while touching lives as she goes. In 2019, Melody Ross’ Soul School was born — a new platform to bring her life-changing courses to even more women.

Who are Certified Instructors?

Certified Instructors are trained personally by Melody Ross to facilitate the Soul Restoration curriculum. They go through extensive training on how to lead you personally through the Soul Restoration process while building community with your fellow participants at on-location retreats and camps. View our list of upcoming certified-instructor events.

What is the Soul Shaker 2 Week Challenge?

Tired of just surviving life? Of just “getting by?” In this two-week intensive course, you will learn how to declutter your life and refocus, so you can live life to the fullest. On each day of the two-week experience, you will concentrate on a specific area: your life, your soul, your belongings, your living spaces, your food, your technology, your work, your romantic relationships, your family, your friendships, your talents and purpose, your dreams, and your accomplishments. The curriculum includes daily tools to help you remain focused on that day’s area of life: meditations, photo adventure cards, intention cards, lesson cards, and detailed workbooks with journaling prompts. Plus, there is a private Soul Shaker community, where members share their photo adventures, daily intentions cards and encourage one another through this journey. Ready to shake your soul?

What is Soul Restoration?

This course is written from Melody’s own experiences and has transformed thousands of lives across the world, Soul Restoration is the process of restoring your belief in yourself, your story, and your future. In this intensive course, Melody teaches you how to recognize who you were created to be, before life experiences weighed you down, life experiences that alter our belief in ourselves from childhood to adulthood. Key to restoration (a place of healing and freedom) is learning to recognize lies told to you or about you and how to fight them with the truth. Learn how to stop the shame and blame from others and yourself from paralyzing your healing. Identify toxic relationships and the healthy boundaries you need to set, in order to love yourself and others. Recognize how to celebrate your own unique life story, all of it — the good, the bad, the ugly, for the person you are and can become.

Restoration occurs when you can identify all the “junk” that weighed you down and see yourself through new eyes—empowered, healing, and with tools to keep writing your story in freedom.

You can take Soul Restoration online at your own pace or live for an immersive experience with a Certified Instructor .

What is Soul Book?

Soul Book is a cut-and-paste journaling project, created by Melody Ross, where you choose what your soul needs to hear. What if you could write a book to yourself to remind you of how valuable you are? How beloved? How brave? Do you need to be reminded you will be ok? That you have purpose? That your dreams are valid? That your story matters? That your beauty is not your body? What does YOUR soul want to be reminded of? With a Soul Book kit, scissors and glue–you become the author your soul needs.

Melody Ross’ Soul Book has been used in school districts, human-trafficking rescue organizations and other non-profits, to help children and teens put words to their fears, their hopes, their dreams and their value.

Because Soul Book is so impactful, Melody is in the process of partnering with several industry experts to allow Soul Book to reach even more women, men, and children. During this process of further developing the Soul Book program we aren’t offering it to individuals, but you can contact one of our Certified Instructors and attend a Soul Book Gathering.

What are Truth Cards?

We all have them — lies told to us, about us or even labels we place on ourselves. No matter how or why we believe them, sometimes you need to be reminded of the truth — the truth about who you are, what you are capable of and how beloved you are. To help combat lies with truth, Melody Ross created Truth Cards. This simple cut-and-paste project helps you identify a lie you believe, expose it to truth, and end up with a handy Truth Card, a reminder to walk in freedom! Whether exchanged with others or created for yourself, we’ve seen Truth Cards change lives worldwide as women, men, children, and teens learn to walk in their truth. Get your free Truth Card Kit.