Dear Extraordinary Soul,

Being flat out, undeniably SICK AND TIRED of the way things are, is actually a very, very good place to be.

This is where you’ll find the catalyst for long-overdue change . . . for the resolve, sacrifice, and strength it will take to get to exactly where you want to be, and to never go back.

There must come a day when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH . . . when all of the excuses, rationalizations, and denials finally lose their power, and you discover your OWN POWER.

There must come a day when things are so far from YOUR path that YOU WILL DO ANYTHING to get on the right path. 

THIS is a very good day.

So, if you are sick and tired of the way things are, get yourself moving toward what you DO want. It is SO WORTH IT.

Get going. Keep moving forward . . . you will get there. It will be worth every tear you cry, every bruised and bloody mile you walk, every impossibly-high hurdle you overcome.

You can do this. It is time.

You are so, so, so very loved.