Dear Getting-There Girl,

Growth, healing, change. They all come with a roller coaster of emotions.

Sometimes we feel like we are up to the challenge, sometimes we forget there’s even a challenge. Then, the next minute, we can be bursting into tears with overwhelm, feeling like there’s NO WAY we can meet the challenge.

None of the emotions are wrong. They are all part of the journey. All of the emotions are temporary, though sometimes we feel like we are in a funk that might last forever.

Don’t be afraid of what you are feeling. Let yourself feel it. Hear out your feelings. Listen to what they have to say, what they have to teach. Often emotions will linger until we really listen to them instead of trying to stuff them down to a hidden place.

Difficult feelings will pass. Good feelings will come back. Joy will come back, confidence will come back, dreams will come back, laughter will come back.

Don’t be afraid when you are feeling down that you will never feel right again.

Sometimes feeling down is just where you need to be to hear what your soul is trying to tell you. Just listen, dear girl. Listen closely and be patient. You will feel right again.

You are strong, amazing and competent. You have come such a long way, and you can keep going.

YOU are loved.