Dear Gorgeous Girl,

Even if it’s just for a little while, quiet time is essential for our souls.

Our deepest truths speak in quiet little voices most of the time, and we have to get our lives calm and quiet to be able to hear them.

When we are feeling scattered, depleted, confused, and torn, a remedy that almost always works is to take a walk all alone, or to go somewhere quiet and be all alone. To just sit, just listen.

It may seem too simple, too good to be true. But so many of the mysteries of life have the simplest answers, and we just have to trust in their simplicity. Give yourself the gift of solitude, quiet, and a listening heart as often as you can . . . you will hear the things you need to hear.

Unplug, walk away, take a breath. Do it for the sake of everything and everyone you love. Especially do it for you.

Your answers are in there. Your calm, wise self is in there too. Now, go find her. She’s been waiting patiently.

You are so very loved.