Dear Phenomenal Girl,

This was a year you made huge strides that you won’t even recognize for a while.

You touched people’s lives you don’t even know about. You were protected from situations you never saw coming, so you don’t even know how big that protection was.

You overcame things you weren’t expecting and you made it through days you weren’t sure you could make it through.

You saw beautiful things, met beautiful people, and shared your beauty too.

This year might have been a chapter you are thankful is over, and it might have been one that made you laugh and you will fondly remember.

This year might be right in the middle of a chapter and story not played out yet . . . your story goes on from here.

This year, you grew. This year, you learned. This year, you had 12 whole months of brand new experiences that are a part of YOUR story. This year, your story was rich with ups and downs, tragedy and triumph.

This year, you made it through. Sounds like a pretty fantastic year to me.

You are so loved . . . now and forever.