Dear Sweet Soul,

There are so many things that we would never do unless we were down to our last straw . . . pushed to the very edge until there was nothing left to do but to find a better way.

Ask yourself honestly . . . “Would I really have done _______ had I not been in an uncomfortable place that I wanted to get out of?”

We often get complacent when we are too comfortable. Discomfort leads to movement, action, and change. Discomfort makes us get up and do big things to make things better. So often, discomfort is a humongous gift in our lives!

Be thankful for all of the places in your life that feel uncomfortable, confusing, or even painful. Those feelings are catalysts for change and can be used as fuel to get you exactly where you are wanting to be.

Then, you can start to see how life always makes sense, how everything has a purpose, and how even the stuff we don’t like is a big part of the stuff we love. We can be grateful even when feeling very uncomfortable—and feeling grateful is always a good thing!

Life really is so beautiful. All of it.

You are loved.