Dear Worried Soul,

There is a way that things are going to work . . . you just may not have discovered it yet.

There is ALWAYS a way that things are going to work . . . and work out . . . and work together. There is always a way.

Sometimes we forget that, and we suffer because of it.

If things seem as though they are not working out, it is simply because they are somewhere in the middle . . . between where things started and where things are going to end up.

Humans are incredibly resourceful, resilient, and intelligent. Although it may take us some time and some painful mistakes to figure things out, we always do.

So take heart, dear soul. In your life, in your family, in your town, and in your world . . . things are going to work.

There will be transitional parts that don’t feel good, that you will have to be strong to get through and that will stretch you to your very core . . . but things will work somehow.

There is nothing more important at this time than to show up to life with that remembrance and with a willingness to do what it takes, joyfully, and thankfully, to be part of the solution each day rather than part of the drama or even part of the difficulty. We have the ability every day to be part of the solution.

You are meant for very good things. This does not always mean easy and pleasant things . . . but you are meant for very good things . . . and you’re always on your way to that.

Please don’t forget, friend.

You are up to the task and you are so very loved.