Dear Joyful Soul,

You never know when the little steps are going to be the very steps that turn things around for you . . . never think that small steps are insignificant.

You never know when a chance meeting is going to turn into a brand new job, or a treasured relationship, or a path to a cure to your illness. The first day back at the gym is the first step towards a whole month of trips to the gym, which turn into a whole year, which turns into a healthy body. The first smile when you’ve held a grudge for so long will turn into the first conversation, which will ultimately lead to forgiveness that you never thought would be possible.

The first step of learning a new skill, like an instrument, a trade, or a hobby is looking into it, learning about it, which will lead to more interest and to more action. Before you know it, you will be taking lessons, and then you will get better and better until you master the skill and it becomes a beautiful and enjoyable part of your life.

The small steps are important and you will find that they really are THE BIG STEPS . . . the very steps that lead to the life you’ve always wanted.

Take a baby step RIGHT NOW, and just watch where it leads.

You are phenomenal. You are loved.