Dear Courageous Girl,

When clarity finally comes, it is so important to only listen to our own voice.

So often, when we are making difficult choices, other people, other forces, and other messages are completely opposed to the decision that is best for our life. Change is uncomfortable, and we often resist change in others as much as we resist change in ourselves.

Sometimes we just have to keep sacred things to ourselves until our resolve, decision, or goal is not feeling so wobbly, timid, and fragile. Sometimes we have to give it time to grow and to become strong, solid, and clear before it is safe enough to share.

Remember the peace you felt when the decision was finally made. Remember the clarity you felt when you knew the answer for sure. Remember that you knew it was right.

What made it muddy was the outside opinions, preferences, and judgments that really have no business making these kinds of decisions for your beautiful, precious life.

Stay strong, dear girl. You know the way to go. You know what to do.
It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

You are so very loved.