Dear Striving Soul,

Important things often take a really long time to blossom, don’t they? The things that mean the most to us usually require a lot of sacrifice and taking care of . . . day, after day, after day.

Important things take time. Meaningful things rarely come easily. Learning new things usually means a huge learning curve.

Sometimes we just want to quit.

At those times, please remember why you started, okay? Sometimes your “why” is the only thing that will get you through. Remember, lovely soul, that you are in good company, because anyone who puts the important stuff first has difficult days, but it is worth it. It is ALWAYS worth it to sacrifice for the things that are most important. It just is.

There will come a day when you see that one of your proudest achievements is the way you stuck with the important things . . . the sacred things . . . the things that matter most.

Important things take time, and that time is well spent.

It really is worth it.

You are so very loved.