Dear Striving Girl,

Sometimes the best thing we can do is just get to work. When we are waiting, when we are worrying, when we are wondering . . . get to work.

There is something very beautiful, wonderful, and miraculous about the feeling that comes after finishing something that would not have been finished unless WE set out to do it.

So, whether it is 5 loads of laundry, a car that needs cleaning out, leaves that need to be raked, or a garage that needs to be organized, there’s magical healing power waiting in the journey of finishing those tasks.

Even a tiny little 5-minute task can take our minds off of everything that is not going right and help us get back on track and feel like we just MADE something better—that we DECIDED to make SOMETHING go right.

Just try it, dear girl, even if you feel paralyzed, lost, or unmotivated. Find a way to get to work. We are souls who love to progress, and when we are stuck in stagnation, misery ensues. There is always something that needs to be done somewhere, and you are just the right person to do the job.

You can do it, and you will feel SO GOOD when you are done.

You are so very loved.