Dear Perceptive Soul,

When we finally learn that life isn’t always a win or lose proposition, we can find a place of peace in just about any situation . . . not necessarily happiness, but definitely peace.

Life is in the learning. Even when we don’t win, we always learn something. We are just that much smarter, more full of wisdom and understanding, and clearer on what to avoid, expect, or prepare for in the future. WE ARE ALWAYS LEARNING . . . and sometimes NOT winning teaches us the most valuable and important lessons of all.

Life is like that . . . life really is on your side, friend.

So next time things don’t turn out the way you had hoped, chalk it up to ANOTHER great lesson that has been learned . . . adding to your wisdom, strength, courage, and soul-muscles . . . if you choose it.

Hang in there. Sometimes winning is not winning, and losing is not losing.

You are so very loved.