Dear Worthy Soul,

We want to be so much, don’t we?

We want to do everything and be everything for everyone we love. We want to show up for everything and help every cause and look beautiful and know about all of the current events.

We want to be enough.

We want to be as good as that person over there and we want to be as talented and clever and popular as that person over there. We want to make sure our loved ones feel loved and that our houses are up to snuff and that our bums don’t jiggle when we want.

We want to be enough.

The truth is…today, right now…YOU ARE ENOUGH. You really are. At this very moment, you are exactly enough. You did enough, you have enough, you know enough, you’ve loved enough to make it to this moment. And we each get more moments to become and grow and learn and do…

But today…you are already exactly enough.

You are so very loved.