Dear Brilliant Soul,

The crazy life is oh so tempting . . . ohhhh sooooo tempting.

It is tempting to go, go, go, and prove, prove, prove, and seek, seek, seek for apPROVE-al, isn’t it? 

It is tempting to do what everyone else is doing . . . and to make it shiny, sparkly, perfect, and wonderful and to sacrifice anything and everything to make it so.

It is oh so easy to get caught up in the competition . . . in the comparing . . . in the craziness of what it seems like everyone else is doing.

Friend . . . pay attention very closely to how you feel when you are giving in to this kind of temptation. Pay attention to how it feels to go faster than you really have strength to go . . . to prove that you are just as good, or just as wonderful, or just as talented. Pay attention to how it feels to constantly seek for the approval of others. Pay attention to how it feels to enter into the competition . . . to compare your life with the lives of others. If it doesn’t feel good, any of it . . . it’s time to evaluate it all.

Sometimes we get so caught up in this way of living that we forget there is another way to live. We don’t have to enter in to the crazy life . . . and even when we do . . . we really can walk away.

It is worth the hard decision of turning around and walking away from a crazy life. It is always, always, always worth it to go where the peace is . . . where the best stuff is . . . where we can just BE and not feel like we have to BE ENOUGH. We are ALL already enough.

Go where the peace is. You were always meant to have peace.

You are so very loved.