Dear Influential Girl,

There is a beautiful and little known secret to happiness that it sometimes takes us way too long to finally learn . . . and it is one that we can start practicing today, fabulous friend.

When life feels overwhelming, upsetting or grim, we can instantly change our outlook on things by getting out and serving someone else. Somehow, when we turn our focus to someone else, and especially to making their load lighter or their day brighter . . . it comes back to us ten times stronger even than what we put out. That is some sweet math, isn’t it?

If things are tough right now, even if you feel like you don’t have time, just try it out. Make a phone call, write a kind note, bake some cookies or make a piece of art for someone. Take time to really visit. Help someone do something that is hard for them and easy for you. Something so beautiful will happen that you will forget about your own sadness for a while . . . and when things start feeling tough again, you have the power to get out and serve mankind in little ways all over again.

Just try, my friend. It will be worth the effort.

This is one of the most magical facts of life and it works every time.

You are amazing, brilliant, and oh so loved.