Dear Oh-So Important Soul,

There are things in life that we each wish we had never had to live through. There are so many things we have experienced that we never would have chosen to see or hear or feel. There are so many lessons that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. We never would have checked off the boxes to pre-order many of our life experiences if that is how it worked….

We do not like to feel pain…we do not like to feel discomfort. We are wired for joy!

The beautiful fact is….sometimes there is simply no other way to get to the other side of something…or to the best destination, without first traveling through places we never would have chosen. There are tools we need to pick up, there is armor we need to put on, there are muscles that need building, there is knowledge that needs to be absorbed BEFORE we can get to the places that we have been working so hard to get to.

And sometimes, the way we get those tools, that armor, those muscles and that knowledge…is by surviving experiences that we never would have chosen for ourselves.

There are so many things in life that are not possible without resistance, struggle and growth…….but then comes the joy, then comes the reward, then comes the good stuff.

So, dear friend, if you are in a season of struggle…take heart. Keep going. Plug away at it….and give yourself a pat on the back for all of the tools, armor, muscles and knowledge that you are earning. Your life will be so much better for it. Even when things are difficult, find the joy along the way…create the joy along the way…and decide how you will spread joy along the way with all of this awesome new wisdom you are gaining.

It will be worth it. Don’t you dare quit now. Your life is so important.

You are so very very very loved…