Dear Beautiful Soul,

You know it’s okay to be happy, right?

Sometimes we squelch our happiness so we can stay small or so we don’t make others feel bad. Sometimes we squelch our happiness because we feel like we aren’t worthy of it or that we might not really deserve it.

Happiness is for everyone, dear soul.

Everyone goes through ups and downs all throughout life, but some days we want to jump for joy! When we are in a happy time, others might be going through a difficult time. Those who are going through a happy time are such a blessing of hope and light to those who are having a more difficult time. Happiness is a gift that we give to everyone.

Please don’t ever think, friend, that your happiness is taking anything away from anyone else. The people who truly love you are happy for you when things are going well.

So enjoy those wonderful days in life. Put your face to the sun and enjoy every last bit of light that shines on you! Happiness is good . . . and everyone deserves happiness.

You are so very loved,