Dear Loving Soul,

Relationship problems can rip the peace out of our lives faster than just about anything.

A great many relationship problems come from lack of communication, which often turns into big ole assumptions. And for some reason, we humans tend to assume the worst instead of the best, don’t we?

When we assume something, it’s because we don’t have all of the facts…we make up what we think the facts must be based on our own experiences, on the kind of mood we are in, on our last interaction with someone, and on so many other factors that don’t give us the information we need in order to know something for sure…on factors that often lead us to a cloudy mistaken conclusion.

When relationships are important to us, it’s up to us to be kind and clear in our communications. It’s equally important to discipline ourselves not to make assumptions that very well may not be accurate at all…assumptions that can cause hurt that can’t be measured.

Clear communication protects our peace…and our precious relationships. And if we’re going to make assumptions, let’s tilt toward good ones, don’t you think?

You are so very very very loved.