Dear Seeking Soul,

Happiness is often misunderstood . . . just as happy people are often misunderstood.

A very confusing paradox in life is that sometimes we cannot truly be happy until we work through the things that are making us feel so sad or angry.

Stuffing away our feelings often means that the way to happiness is stuffed away too.

Sometimes we need to just stop and grieve, or stop and let ourselves feel angry.

Sometimes we need to have a day to cry . . . or a week, or a few weeks.

Sadness and happiness are good friends and they work together to make our lives full and good and whole. They are both important.

We need to listen to our feelings and ask them what they have to say. Often our sadness is simply a wise messenger letting us know there is something in our lives that needs to be addressed . . . and that when we take the steps to address it, there is great happiness and peace on the other side of that brave work.

You are so very loved.